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Just like wedding outfits the style of wedding cards change over the years...


It is good to get your wedding invitations out to guests in good time, so designing your invitations is a priority. There are many options available nowadays, whether hand painted on lovely store bought stationary, or printed by professionals, the choice of invitation is up to you. Once you have set your date, organised your venue and decided on numbers, get your invitations printed. Use the waiting period to finalise your guest list and check your address list is up to date. Consult with close family members to make sure important family members are not overlooked.

  • It’s good idea to shop around to see what various printers have to offer.
  • Decide on the wordings, type-face and style.
  • Ask whether your printer can supply a full wedding stationary 'package', for example name cards and so on.
  • Get a family member to check your wordings before printing.
  • Check to see whether they can print the card in your language.
  • Always order a few extra invitations and stationary, just in case….
  • Invitations should be sent good 4-6 weeks before the wedding.