Flowers and Mala PDF Print E-mail

Create an exotic atmosphere for your wedding celebration

Exchange vows amidst lush blooms artistically arranged with their heady fragrance filling the air.

Co-ordinated or contrasted with your mandap scheme can help to add texture and form to your wedding celebration.

Create a stunning effect by co-ordinating your garland and floral arrangements with your wedding outfit. The choice is yours depending on your budget, the natural beauty of flowers means your displays can be lavish or simple.

  • Substitute balloons and other decorations to make your floral displays go further, you will find them in many colours and styles. 
  • It is important that florist and decorators are given enough access time at the venue.
  • Will they deliver on the day? If not don’t forget to have them collected.
  • Are the flowers you want going to be available (especially if you’re getting married on Valentines Day or Easter weekend).
  • Is the florist available seven days?
  • Always have a backup contact.
  • Get everything confirmed in writing with both parties signatures.
  • Large or small pedestals can be placed in the foyer and entrance
  • If you are arranging for someone to make the garland, confirm who will supply the flowers.
  • It is very important to give the person who is making the garland the length you prefer the completed garland to be.
  • Do not forget buttonholes. These are traditionally worn by grooms, close family and friends.
  • Flower petals will add a special touch to the wedding. One of the bride's attendants can scatter these in front of the bride as she walks in to bless the couple. Remember to include this when arranging your flowers.
  • Mala length
  • Ask to have information sent to you by email if you have one.